The Faces of Yellow Media

Who are these people? They are the faces of Asian-Americans in the media. Many are breaking the traditional roles and stereotypes of Asian-Americans. Many are also reaching a large audience through non-traditional media such as YouTube.

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Lin is Falling from the Stars

jeremy lin bust2

Modified Image using Creative Commons License. Photo Credit: Flickr User thepanamerican and RMTip21 via Creative Commons License

I blogged earlier about Jeremy Lin and his rise to the fame due to his outstanding performance on the New York Knicks but he has since fallen down from stardom. Houston Rockets fans held high expectations for Lin but he has disappointed so far. What has happened? How does this affect the perceptions of Asian Americans?

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Bamboo Ceiling

bamboo ceiling

We have all heard of the glass ceiling before but have you heard of the bamboo ceiling? The term is similar to the glass ceiling however this term pertains strictly to Asians. There are several contributing cultural differences and racial bias that cause this term to stay.

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Photoessay: Yellow Media Presents Asians in the Media

Nerdy. Weird. Weak. Asians are more than that. There are a lot of stereotypes about Asians in the media that are perpetuated by the lack of awareness. Many Asian-Americans do not know about the issues themselves. Hopefully you can gain a better understanding of the issues the Asian-American community faces.

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Yellow Fever: White Men and Asian Women

yellow Fever. What is it? It is often described as a fetish for Asian women and it’s mainly used on white men. Asian Americans often joke around that white men have yellow fever and are “taking their women away”. The media further perpetuates this stereotype by portraying Asian women as submissive and exotic. Wong Fu Productions seems to have made a video explaining the situation.

yellow fever

A new documentary called “Seeking Asian Female” seeks to understand the whole yellow fever phenomenon. They have also created a series of episodes that shows interviews with people and their thoughts on yellow fever.

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Asian Terrorists Attacking the White House


The White House is under attack! (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons via Creative Commons License)

A North Korean psychopath has amassed an army of people to attack the White House. Planes and helicopters are flying over and shooting the White House to smithereens. Now what the heck is this? Olympus Has Fallen is yet another patriotic movie depicting the North Koreans as villainous and intent on destroying the United States. The movie is filled with stereotypes and has created a storm of controversy. Some movie-goers responded to the movie by saying they want to “kill Asians”.

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The Rise of Lin

On February 4, 2012, a star was born. No one expected it. Jeremy Lin exploded from the New York Knicks’ bench and scored 25 points to re-energize the sluggish Knicks season. From that moment on, Jeremy Lin has changed the face of Asian American history. Asian American academics claim him as one of their own while Taiwanese evangelical Christians claim him likewise. This identity struggle has become a part of Linsanity ever since day one. Because this is a blog about the portrayal of Asian Americans in the media, Jeremy Lin must be examined since he is one of the most influential Asian Americans in pop culture   at this moment.

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CAAMFest 2013 – Conveying Asian American Diversity


CAAMFest is hosted by the Center for Asian American Media

When I walked through campus, I noticed posters about CAAMFest. I checked out the event online and it turns out to be one of the largest Asian American film festivals in the nation. The festival showcases the work of many Asian American filmmakers and CAAM is dedicated to promoting the diversity of Asian Americans. CAAM is the epitome of my work here on this blog because it is dedicated to promoting diversity of Asian Americans to break the current stereotypes.

One of the most exciting films at the festival might be “Linsanity” by Evan Jackson Leong. Check out the trailer below!

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Asian Invasion in Higher Education

Asians and College

A common misconception is that Asians dominate higher education. (Photo Credit: Created using Easy Memes)

As I was browsing the Web, I came across something very interesting. College Board published a brochure debunking the myths of Asians in higher education. I can see where the stereotypes of the nerdy Asians are coming from now. The brochure listed 3 main stereotypes.

  1. AAPI Students Are “Taking Over” U.S. Higher Education
  2. AAPIs Are Concentrated Only in Selective Four-Year Universities
  3. AAPIs Are a Homogenous Racial Group with Uniformity in Educational
    and Financial Attainment, Culture, Religion, and Histories

The stories about Asians invading college campuses and depriving others of an education are simply not true. This has become so problematic that even College Board had to publish something to strike down this stereotype.

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New Channel for Asian Americans: YouTube

Imagine posting a video and getting 1 million views. Asian Americans on YouTube have exploded into the media landscape like the popular Korean-American indie pop artist, Clara Chung. They have brought a huge awareness to the hidden talents of Asian Americans. Many of these YouTube stars have millions of subscribers such as Wong Fu Productions, Kevjumba, Nigahiga, JustKiddingFilms, freddiew and the list goes on. The recent article by Elizabeth Lee in Voice of America talks about the rise of Asian American celebrities on YouTube. The Internet has broken down traditional barriers that Asian Americans face with traditional media. The article seems very optimistic about the future of Asian Americans in the media. News outlet try their best to be as objective as possible but how objective are they? There are some inherent bias associated with this article.

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