Happy to be studying in the Bay Area!

Who is the guy behind the sunglasses? Is he another nerdy Asian trying to be cool? The nerdy Asian stereotype is far from the truth. As an Asian American growing up, I have experienced numerous remarks about my race and some are not particularly great. I have been called nerdy, squinty eyes guy, weak, small, and other stuff. I ask myself, why am I being called these names? Why is the guy next to me not being called these names? I searched for these answers and on one Saturday as I was watching TV, I realized the answer. One of the shows that I was watching featured an Asian character that was portrayed as the weak nerd who girls found weird. The media is perpetuating these stereotypes and reinforcing it in the minds of viewers. Many viewers do not live in areas with a large Asian population; therefore, these stereotypes are ingrained because no one is opposed to it. It’s hard to break these stereotypes with the lack of information in the media. There is a glimmer of hope because we can tackle these stereotypes and bring awareness to Asian American community issues through providing more information.

Now who is really behind those sunglasses? My name is Robert Yu and I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I am currently studying at the University of California, Berkeley majoring in Business Administration and Psychology. In high school, I was never exposed to ethnic issues because it wasn’t something that people cared about. When I stepped onto the Berkeley campus and took my first ethnic studies class as a freshman, I began to realize that minority communities face a lot of issues that aren’t out in the open.

My goal is to provide a channel for Asian Americans and others to learn more about the current stereotypes of Asians in the media. I also want to bring awareness to certain Asian-American Pacific Islander issues that are not apparent because of the “model minority” myth. Contact me if you would like to see different things talked about on this blog. Only through further information can we debunk these myths and stereotypes associated with Asians.

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